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Magazine Retail Merchant Agreement

Be A Merchant!

Consignment Program:

    Minimum = 10 copies. The Journal is shipped to you via UPS on consignment with 60 day billing terms and full credit for unsold copies. Full payment is required upon receipt of next issue. Unsold magazines will be credited to your account at the end of the on-sale period, upon return of the covers.

    Magazine Sale Price: $4.99 per copy
    Retailer Profit: $2.00 per copy
    Retailer Billed at: $2.99 per copy

Full Purchase Program:

    For retailers confident that they can sell 25 copies of The Journal at a time and would like to maximize their profits, this program requires payment in full for magazines upon receipt. Credit will not be extended for unsold copies, but a greater profit margin is allowed under this program.

    Magazine Sale Price: $4.99 per copy
    Retailer Profit: $2.50 per copy
    Retailer Billed at: $2.49 per copy

    For more information, contact our Circulation Department at 1-800-827-4468 or send an email.   Or, Download Our Retail Merchant Agreement.  (Click on the link below to view in Adobe Acrobat)

Retail Merchant Agreement