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By Capt. Kevin Goldberg

  “Each and every giant bluefin is special and different,” says Capt. Kevin Goldberg of Marener Sportfishing. The Hillsborough attorney and his mate, plumber Mike Resetar, caught one that was more special than most during an April 20 fishing trip.
  Here’s his account of that day and that fish:
  It was supposed to be another striped bass trip. The plan was for my mate, Mike, and I to do a few hours of bass fishing on Saturday, then have an early dinner together.
  It turned into the fish of a lifetime.
  It was Friday, April 19 and I had a bass charter of a group of old middle school friends aboard my 39 Seavee, Marener. Fishing that morning was quite tough. We managed to land a couple of bass but that was it for the day, despite many, many marks and coming over thousands of fish.
  So the plan for Saturday changed since I didn’t want to have that
experience again.
  Mike and I said to each other, “Why don’t we take a boat ride and look for some tuna?” We had heard ramblings of giant bluefin being seen down in the Barnegat area. It’s a little early in the season to fish for bluefin, as in years past we would typically start looking for these fish the first or second week of May, but we decided to take that boat ride.
  It was pouring rain and there was dense fog as we headed out of Manasquan Inlet. After turning the tip of the hook, there were probably 6- or 7-foot swells, hitting us in all directions. I thought to myself for a moment, “probably not the best day for a boat ride.” But we kept on our way as it flattened out a bit.
  The plan was to head to the Barnegat area but on the way down the coast, I saw some birds and structure that I liked and marked some bait. I said to Mike, “Let’s put our baits in and check out the area and see if we find any tuna marks.”
  We deployed the baits at exactly 9 o’clock a.m. As I would typically do, we ran three ballyhoo baits, one off each rigger and a way back. I trolled the northeast corner of the structure and continued to mark bait. It was exactly 9:35 a.m. when the center rigger went off, and the second it did we knew what it was.
  It was all hands on deck, the two of us. The first run of the fish went halfway into the backing.

The tail of the fish that created the Tales from the Edge story
The Tail of the fish that spawned the Tales from the Edge story.
The giant bluefin tuna was weighed at the Brielle Yacht Club.
The giant bluefin tuna was weighed at the Brielle Yacht Club.


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fish with sun rays falling from above