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New Gear:

January / February 2018

Accurate Valiant Reels


    Accurate Fishing’s new BV2-800 and BV2-800N two-speed lever drag reels expand their Valiant series and are designed for offshore trolling and live-bait fishing with 80-pound-test braid. Both the BV2-800 (standard) and BV2-800N (narrow) feature a compact, rugged 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum frame, uniquely curved to deliver the structural integrity of a larger reel. The non-flexing frame and side plates, while thinner than those of ordinary lever drag reels, allow Accurate’s Valiant models to withstand higher levels of stress and torque. Protected by this high-strength, corrosion-resistant exterior, Accurate’s patented TwinDrag system is engineered to deliver up to 36 pounds of drag. Precision-cut stainless steel gears mesh perfectly while seven shielded/sealed Class 5 Abex bearings and one ARB bearing ensure smooth, reliable operation. The BV2-800 holds 800 yards of 80-pound braid, while the BV2-800N holds 600 yards. Both models feature Accurate’s DirecShift, which allows you to switch back and forth easily between a high-speed 5:1 retrieve and 2.2:1 low-speed gear ratio with the touch of a button. Contact: Accurate fishing at Accurate fishing at 888-ACCU-372 or visit www.accuratefishing.com.



    Aquatraction deck systems provide a great looking, very comfortable platform for any deck space. Aquatraction won’t get hot in direct summer sun and it prevents damage from dropped sinkers and other items, while covering up old worn decks to provide a showroom-new look. Much easier to keep clean than gelcoated deck surfaces and designed for new construction, deck repair, or refit, Aquatraction systems are custom measured and templated using a computerized digitizer for a perfect fit. The closed cell polyethylene material and 3M adhesive are durable, UV stabilized, and longer lasting than industry standard EVA foam. Files are uploaded and panels are cut by a CAD-driven router and the system is installed by our full service dealers. Polyethylene is virtually stain-proof and can be exposed to gasoline, diesel, acetone, grease, blood, and many other materials and can be easily cleaned with boat soap. Applications include deck systems, covering boards, helm decks and even custom cooler tops. Laser etching with virtually any customer-provided image can also be added. Contact: Aquatraction at 508-397-3807 or visit www.aquatraction.com.

Cuda Fishing Gloves


    Designed to meet the needs of saltwater and freshwater anglers alike, Cuda has introduced a new line of marine and freshwater fishing gloves. Available in three styles including Bait, Wire Wrap and Offshore, all three models are constructed from puncture-resistant, multi-layer Kevlar. For added convenience, the gloves also incorporate touchscreen capabilities so you can operate a smartphone or other electronic device while wearing the gloves. Thanks to the Kevlar construction, the gloves are extremely durable and protect the wearer from cuts and abrasions, but lightweight and comfortable to wear for an extended period. Pull straps allow the wearer to take the gloves off with ease. The Bait model are lightweight and designed for cutting bait while the Wire Wrap model feature a reinforced/padded palm and exterior for wire wrapping. The offshore gloves are constructed with extra-strong padding where it’s needed during the end game with large gamefish. All models are available in three sizes including medium, large and extra-large. Contact: Cuda at 800-835-2263 or visit www.cudabrand.com.

EZ/2 Collapsible Spreader/Teaser Bars


    Storage space for spreader bars on any size boat has become a hassle as today some boats, even the smaller ones, keep a dozen or more onboard. Tournament Cable’s new EZ/2 Collapsible Spreader/Teaser Bars feature precision stainless steel hubs and are designed to fold completely in half for easy storage. With a twist the EZ/2 will open to full spread and when storing it just takes another twist to fold it completely in half. The EZ/2 also makes a great large teaser that will stow easily. Additionally, damaged arms can be replaced in minutes. EZ/2 is sold individually or in sets of four or six and sets come in a custom roll-up storage bag. Available in two sizes, both featuring titanium flex arms, the Medium Flex model features 3/32-inch arms while the Heavy Flex model has 1/8-inch arms. Each is available un-rigged, or rigged with Tuna bits, Shell Squids and one Stinger. Spare arms are available in sets of two in a variety of lengths from 24 inches to 48 inches. Contact: Tournament Cable at 800-979-3474 or visit www.tournamentcable.com.

Lowrance Hook2


    Lowrance Hook2 fishfinders/chartplotters feature Lowrance’s autotuning sonar, which actively corrects sonar settings for the clearest underwater view so anglers can spend more time fishing and less time making manual adjustments to their sonar settings. Most models feature full navigational capability and preloaded, high-detail mapping. Hook2 features 2X wider sonar coverage with new Lowrance wide-angle Broadband Sounder and Chirp sonar. Side-scan and down-scan Imaging featured on select models ensures anglers can view lifelike images of fishing-holding structure on either side and below the boat. The Hook2 series is available in three easy-to-install categories including 3-in-1 sonar with High Chirp, SideScan and DownScan Imaging; 2-in-1 sonar with High Chirp and DownScan Imaging; and proven Broadband Sounder, known as TripleShot, SplitShot and Bullet. Hook2 fishfinder/chartplotters are offered in 12-, 9-, 7-, 5- and 4-inch display sizes. The Hook2 fishfinder-only models – with the exception of the sonar-only Hook2 4x Bullet – include a built-in GPS plotter (without charts) for saving waypoints, following trails and navigating to favorite fishing spots. Contact: Lowrance at 800-628-4487 or visit www.lowrance.com

Pelagic FX-90


    The Pelagic FX-90 Tactical Boatshort represents the apex of toughness and technology. This versatile all-purpose six-pocket short features a 21-inch outer-seam and is constructed in extremely durable platinum four-way stretch fabric that is cleverly intersected with all-new “gill" technology mesh side vents. The result is a one-of-a-kind boatshort that is as rugged as it is comfortable and as heavy duty as it is breathable. Featuring Pelagic’s hydro-repel technology, the FX-90 is ultimately designed to provide ventilation and functionality during long, hot, and often punishing days on the water. This boatshort is your go-to for comfort in hot conditions and heavy seas. Six all-purpose storage pockets provide plenty of space to keep tools and other go-to items at your fingertips. Welded zippers ensure a secure closure while Pelagic’s exclusive stain release technology keeps your FX-90s looking good when contact with fish blood and bait slime is inevitable. Contact: Pelagic at 949-642-0646 or visit www.pelagicgear.com.

Shimano Sustain FI


    Winner of the Best Saltwater Reel at the 2017 ICAST New Product Showcase, Shimano’s Sustain FI includes four models from 2500 to 5000 and is packed with a long list of high-end features built with power and rigidity to handle a variety of fishing challenges. By combining their water-repellent coating and specially designed, water-channeling construction, X Protect provides high-level water resistance without sacrificing light gear and rotor rotation. The cold-forged Hagane gear ensures the reel is strong and durable while the Hagane body is both metal and rigid which virtually eliminates body flexing. X Ship supports the pinion gear on both ends with bearings to keep it aligned with the drive gear while making the reel even more durable. Cross carbon drag allows for more drag settings and smooth drag performance. The Sustain FI features two different gear ratios, the 6.0:1 and 6.2:1, and maximum drag resistance of 20 pounds on the 2500 and 3000 and 24 pounds on the 4000 and 5000. Contact: Shimano at 877-577-0600 or visit www.shimano.com.

Squidnation Spring Loop Dredge Bar


    Squidnation's Spring Loop Dredge Bar features a wagon wheel-style hub of high density nylon for extra strength and ease of handling with extra strength at the stress points. The proprietary unique over-molding system that Squidnation has incorporated also does not give, so unlike lead hubs, the arms of the dredge cannot widen the bored holes in the hub. The over-molded hub and unique pass-through system allows for each bar to pass through the hub completely but each fixed to the point of it being impossible for the bar to pull through. The hub does not use crimps to keep the bars in place so crimp failure is eliminated. It is also hydrodynamic, allowing water to pass through the hub for less drag. The wagon wheel-style hub also is symmetrical so it can be trolled with the spring loops forward for more spring or backward for durability on rough days. Contact: Squidnation at 410-873-3282 or visit www.squidnation.com.

Trac Ecological Flushcaps


    Available in three sizes to fit any Groco Arg Strainer, Trac Ecological Flushcaps make descaling, freshwater flushing and winterizing your raw-water-cooled equipment a snap. Temporarily replacing an existing strainer cap with a Flushcap will allow you to easily connect a Port-O-Flush Jr. and descale raw-water-cooled equipment with Barnacle Buster. Though not intended to replace an existing strainer caps and only to be used for flushing, Flushcaps are specifically designed to fit Groco Arg series strainers. The small model measures 2¼ inches in diameter and fits Groco Arg 500, 750 and 755 strainers while the 2½-inch medium model fits Groco Arg 1000, 1210, and 1250 strainers. The large model is 3¼ inches in diameter and fits Groco Arg 2000, 2500, 2515, 2520, 3000, 3015, 3020 and 3025 strainers. Contact: Trac Ecological at 954-987-2722 or visit www.trac-online.com.