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New Gear:

March / April 2017

ATL Potable Bladders


    Aero Tec Laboratories (ATL) introduces their new line of NSF/ANSI-61 compliant potable water bladder tanks that are unique and simple to set up and to operate. The ATL Aqui-fer features an innovative space-saving design that significantly reduces its overall footprint while the economical Aqua-Flex model has a more conventional shape that resembles a pillow. Unlike traditional rigi” tanks, ATL’s Aqui-fer and Aqua-Flex bladder tanks are constructed of an extremely lightweight yet super-tough nylon-reinforced rubber and are fully collapsible and can be rolled up or folded for compact storage when empty. Available in sizes from 25 to 500 gallons, both models are equipped with a 1½-inch diameter fill neck assembly and a 1-inch brass ball-valve outlet with a 6-foot length of 1-inch inside diameter clear nylon-reinforced water hose. Also included is an ATL Underliner, which lays flat underneath the bladder tank to protect it from abrasive surfaces. Other accessories available include a secure tie-down system, mesh tote-bag for storage and transport, and a sunshield that protects against UV rays. Contact: ATL at 201-825-1400 or visit www.boatbladders.com.

Connley Fishing Platinum Series Rods


    Connley Fishing introduces its new Platinum Series custom rods that feature the finest components to make the ultimate fishing rod that fishes just as good as it looks. Powerful Calstar rod blanks, Fuji Silicon Carbide hardened guides, Winthrop roller guides, Winthrop Terminator adjustable butts and a unique hand-shaped finger-notched custom grip are some of the features and components used in the Platinum Series rods. Truly a work of art and a dream to fish with and available in a wide range of colors and designs to match your boat’s finish, the Platinum Series includes three models of spinning rods, three live-bait conventional rods and a complete line of stand-up trolling rods rated at 20- to 50-pound class, 30- to 80-pound class, 50- to 100-pound class and 60- to 130-pound class. When you hook into that big tuna or blue marlin of a lifetime you will can rest assured that these rods will perform. Contact: Connley Fishing at 561-723-9808 or visit www.connleyfishing.com.

Crystal Coast Lures


    Crystal Coast Lures offers a complete line of high-speed trolling lures specifically designed for offshore wahoo fishing and are available in two sizes and four color combinations. Because of its unique shape and hefty head weight, the 16-inch model is designed to be pulled at speeds of 18-20 knots without the need for additional trolling weight. The standard 12-inch model is designed for speeds of 10-12 knots without additional trolling weight and up to 18-20 knots when an inline trolling lead is added. Available colors include blue, red, purple and green though a wide range of custom colors and skirts are available upon request. In addition to the line of high-speed lures, Crystal Coast Lures offers rigged ballyhoo lures in wire and mono, teasers, dredges, trolling weights and tee shirts. Contact Crystal Coast Lures at 252-916-6974 or visit www.crystalcoastlures.com.

EZ Dock Port Max 2i

EZ Dock Port MAX 2i

    Based in Middletown, New Jersey, EZ Docks Unlimited/Marine Construction has nearly two decades of marine construction experience and now is offering a patented, top-of-the-line, self-centering personal watercraft port for easy drive-on entry and push off. The Port MAX 2i’s split entry and self-adjusting rollers make loading and unloading smooth and effortless for all experience levels including beginners, men, women and children. Features of the EZ Port Max 2i include easy push off and loading, one-piece integrated design, adjustable rollers that adapt to all personal watercraft brands and sizes and a bow stop to help prevent overshooting. EZ Port MAX 2i is virtually maintenance free and these polyethylene ports are durable, slip-resistant, chemical-resistant, and completely wood-free. They won’t splinter, rot, or need paint. Measuring 5 feet wide by 14 feet long, it is compatible with any traditional floating dock, fixed dock or EZ Dock system and comes with an 8-year warranty. Contact: EZ Docks Unlimited/Marine Construction at 732-690-4881 or visit www.ez-docks.comm.

Fish Monkey Medium Weight Wiring Gloves


    Fish Monkey is the marine industry's first company to offer a complete line of fishing, boating and watersports gloves. Of interest to offshore anglers, their Quick-Release glove, designed by world renowned offshore deckhand, captain and world record holder Charles Perry, is made for a wide range of tasks and features a four-way stretch material for perfect fit and quick drying, while Kevlar-reinforced material protects the hand and wrist from leader cuts and slicing. A synthetic leather palm offers superior construction strength with second skin dexterity while PVC Monkey Grip palm and fingers allows for superior leader grip and protects hand during bill handling and fish management. The key fingers and thumb are exposed for greater dexterity and a Velcro wrist closure means easy on and off. The Quick Release model is a great all-around glove for wiring small blue and white marlin, sailfish, tuna, mahi mahi and other offshore game fish. Contact: Fish Monkey Performance Gloves at 888-659-8864 or visit www.fishmonkeygloves.com.

FLIR Marine Thermal Cameras and Raymarine Navigation Displays


    FLIR announces two new compact additions to its popular M-Series marine thermal cameras and introduces its latest generation of Raymarine multifunction displays (MFDs). The M100 and M200 thermal cameras provide enhanced awareness while fishing, sailing, or cruising at night while the Raymarine Axiom multifunction displays (MFDs) include built-in RealVision 3D sonar powered by the Raymarine Lighthouse 3 operating system. Both cameras are FLIR’s most compact pan-and-tilt marine thermal cameras to date and feature an integrated multi-core video processor that delivers superior image quality and artificial intelligence features. When the M100 and M200 are combined with a Raymarine Axiom MFD, users can take advantage of FLIR’s new ClearCruise which provides boaters with an advanced level of awareness and safety by visually and audibly alerting the operator when “non-water” objects are identified. The Raymarine Axiom MFDs feature life-like imagery with RealVision 3D for superior underwater fish and structure identification. The new rugged, all-glass touch screens are available in 7-, 9-, and 12-inch display sizes and come pre-installed with Raymarine’s new LightHouse 3 operating system. Contact FLIR at 877-545-5094 or visit www.flir.com/marine.

Simrad S5100


    Simrad’s S5100 High-Performance CHIRP Sonar Module is the first to offer three fully-independent channels whether connected to three single-channel transducers or one, dual-channel and one single-channel transducer to deliver high-resolution sonar across multiple depth ranges. Simultaneous split-screen viewing capability and advanced processing technology allows full view of the water column with noise-free clarity at all depth ranges without ever losing bottom-depth tracking. Users can mix and match transducer coverage and transmit power for wide and narrow beam-widths to reveal more fish, detecting small and tightly-spaced fish and identifying thermoclines. Additionally, the user can adjust specific CHIRP frequencies from 28 to 250 kHz and ranging from 300W up to 3kW to precisely target specific depths producing big, crisp arches with clear target separation. The S5100 features high-speed ethernet connectivity and is compatible with Simrad NSS evo3 and NSS evo2 multifunction displays, NSO evo2 glass-bridge systems and the S2000 series of fish finders. Contact Simrad at 800-628-4487 or www.simrad-yachting.com.

Walker Engineering Everquiet


    Walker Engineering, makers of the Walker Airsep, continue to expand their Everquiet Air Filter Silencer product line with the QT Series. Designed for higher horsepower diesel engines, these units help reduce the turbocharger noise associated with today’s powerful modern engines. The Walker Everquiet units are designed to take the place of stock paper or screen-type air filters, and complement any diesel engine. The silencer focuses on the frequency that is most bothersome to crew or passengers. Technically speaking, the integrated (internal) silencer lowers turbo noise at transitional RPM range (approximately 1,600-1,800 rpm). The silencer requires no additional servicing and is often now a specified feature for select major OEMS on various engine packages. Walker also has various Everquiet and Everquiet QT packages as retrofit kits for engines in existing sport-fishing or convertible vessels. Contact: Walker Engineering at 818-252-7788 or visit www.walkerairsep.com.

Weems and Plath Binoculars


    Weems & Plath introduce four new 7x50 waterproof binocular models implementing the latest technology and standards, including the use of argon gas for improved light transmission and fog prevention. Offered at varying price points and for different marine applications, all models include a soft case, padded neck strap, lens covers and gift box. The Pro model is built to exceed military specifications and features flat field lenses for excellent edge-to-edge sharpness, high resolution for brightness in low-light conditions, rubber-armored exterior, fold-down eye cups for use with glasses and are shock resistant and waterproof. The Classic is similar in features to the Pro model but are lighter and slightly smaller. The Explorer binoculars float and feature an illuminated compass and range finder reticle for users taking readings on the water. Perfect for boating, sporting events, bird-watching and sightseeing, the Sport binoculars are lightweight and easy to focus on objects near and far because of the convenient center focus feature. Contact: Weems and Plath at 410-263-7700 or visit www.weems-plath.com.