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New Gear:

July / August 2017

ATL Custom Compartment Fuel Bladders


    Aero Tec Laboratories Inc. (ATL), known for its rugged yet fully collapsible line of on-deck range extension fuel bladders, now offers custom manufacturing capabilities for those looking to add a unique auxiliary fuel compartment. Whether it be an empty locker, live-well or hold, ATL can engineer a collapsible fuel bladder to fit precisely, instantly transforming a vacant space into a valuable auxiliary fuel source. Compatible with gasoline and diesel fuels, ATL’s custom fuel bladders are built from the same military-specification, nylon-reinforced rubberized fabric used to construct the popular ATL FueLocker and Petro-Flex on-deck range extension bladders. Hardware options, including a traditional fill/stand pipe or a low-profile twist-off fill cap, are available. To ensure safety and to maintain the integrity of the fuel bladder, ATL requires all surfaces within the compartment are smooth and free of any sharp objects and that the compartment is vented to release any fumes. Contact: ATL at 800-526-5330 or visit www.atlinc.com.

Cuda Knives


    Cuda announces the United States launch of the company’s first professional line of knives. Featuring USA 40A corrosion-resistant stainless carpenter steel blades, this new collection is designed for serious anglers who need knives that are sharp, cut through anything, hold their edge, are easy to use, and extremely durable. The nonstick blades are bonded with a titanium ceramic and offer full-tang construction for improved durability. The 47-layer, compressed, cold-molded Micarta creates handles with a soft grip that fit comfortably in the user’s hand. Seven models are available, including 6-inch fillet and boning models, a 7-inch wide fillet model, 9-inch fillet and serrated models and 10-inch butcher and wide fillet models. Each knife comes with a custom-molded hard sheath and is covered by Cuda’s lifetime warranty. Contact: Cuda at 800-835-2263 or visit www.cudabrand.com.

Kristal Fishing Nor’easter


    The Nor’easter from Kristal Fishing is a fully programmable level-winding electric reel developed for the fisherman who’s looking for value and not willing to sacrifice performance. The Nor’easter holds 2,000 yards of 80-pound test braid and features a powerful 90 pounds of resistance while still maintaining free spool. Guaranteed not to lack performance, the Nor’easter is equipped with an Italian electric motor that’s quiet, yet powerful enough to deliver 1,000 pounds of pulling power while consuming just 15 amps per hour and maintaining peak torque performance to deliver an adjustable retrieval speed of up to 420 feet of line per minute. Available with or without manual override and in 12- or 24-volt configurations, this 12-inch-by-10-inch powerhouse electric reel comes standard with a sealed digital display that features a programmable auto-stop, jigging function, and a line counter. Also standard is the new ceramic titanium “Gun Sight” level wind guide. Contact Kristal Fishing at 305-592-8686 or visit www.kristalreels.com.

Seakeeper 6


    Seakeeper’s newest model, the Seakeeper 6, is designed to eliminate up to 95 percent of boat roll on 40- to 49-foot vessels, up to roughly 20 tons. While providing a level of stabilization comparable to Seakeeper’s original model, the M7000, the new Seakeeper 6 is 40 percent smaller than the original, draws 25 percent less power, and costs roughly half as much as the original model. Eliminating more than 90 percent of boat roll was once unthinkable, but Seakeeper’s ability to condense more stabilizing force into a smaller volume has allowed it to achieve levels of stability never seen before. The Seakeeper 6 showcases new developments in both the technology behind and the design of Seakeepers. The new model’s sphere and internal components have been redesigned to provide the maximum angular momentum for a given footprint. The Seakeeper 6 also boasts an updated electronics suite, including an all-new touchscreen display with NMEA and ethernet capabilities. Contact: Seakeeper at 954-530-1929 or visit www.seakeeper.com.

Simrad AP48 Autopilot Controller


    Simrad’s new AP48 Autopilot Controller is a dedicated control head for Simrad Continuum autopilot systems and features an optically bonded 4.1-inch full color display and modern glass-helm styling. The AP48 provides an ultra-wide 170-degree viewing angle and full access to advanced Continuum steering features including Automated Turn Patterns, No Drift steering and Depth Contour Tracking, in addition to a large aluminum rotary control dial and dedicated dodge keys for easy incremental heading adjustment. The rotary dial provides precise steering control, while dodge keys enable instant heading changes in 1-degree or 10-degree increments. It also has the same intuitive interface as the compact AP44. With a compatible echosounder module to enable depth contour tracking, the AP48 can also be set to auto-steer to maintain a constant water depth beneath the vessel for following depth contours while fishing. Contact: Simrad at 800-628-4487 or visit www.simrad-yachting.com.



    Poor tackle management can create a bird’s nest of messy lines. A slipping coil can cause bad line memory and render your rig ineffective. The Spindriver was specifically designed with two key features to store deep sea fishing rigs. The patented design's coil keeps the line wound up and neatly stored, while its pointed end "locks" the lure in place, preventing it from slipping along the line. Spindriver also can help prevent line memory. It is easy to use and the fluorescent colors make it easy to see on the deck of the boat or in the water. Spindriver also floats. Spindriver helps keep your tackle center neat and orderly so you can get lines in the water quickly. Contact: Spindriver at 888-229-3326 or visit www.spindrivers.com.

Super Stainless

Super Stainless

    Super Stainless, now distributed in the United States by Tides Marine, easily removes rust from stainless steel surfaces on the boat thanks to its gentle chemical reaction that dissolves rust. Super Stainless’ eco-friendly formula also helps prevent the recurrence of stainless steel rust and corrosion. Unlike conventional stainless steel cleaners, Super Stainless is a nontoxic, biodegradable gel-based solution that contains no harsh abrasives and is safe for use around other materials on your vessel including teak and fiberglass. No rubbing or scrubbing is necessary. Just brush Super Stainless on and rinse it off to remove rust and corrosion, even in hard to reach areas. Available in 16- and 32-ounce bottles, Super Stainless also passivates stainless steel, making it unreactive to corroding elements like salt, to help prevent and protect against further rusting and staining. Contact: Super Stainless at 954-420-0949 or visit www.tidesmarine.com.

Switlik Cord


    Switlik Survival Products' new Crew Overboard Rescue Device (CORD) is designed to float, retrieve, and lift a person in the water back onboard the boat. The CORD is stowed in a convenient rail-mounting soft valise constructed of Herculite 80 material for class-leading weather and UV resistance. At the heart of the CORD is Switlik’s inflatable Underarm Flotation Device (UFD), which deploys with a simple pull tab and is user-serviceable for multiple deployments. The CORD features an industry-leading 35 pounds of buoyancy, allowing victims to aid in their own rescue and retrieval by keeping their head and arms high out of the water. The perimeter of the CORD features a highly visible reflective material for safety in low-visibility situations. Attached to the boat with a quick-disconnect buckle and 150 feet of high-strength floating line, the CORD features 1,600-pound-rated lifting rings and lifting straps that run throughout the entire UFD. Contact: Switlik Survival Products at 609-587-3300 or visit www.switlik.com.

Winthrop Terminator Adjusta-Butt


    Winthrop Tackle, a maker of quality fishing rod components, introduces their new Terminator Adjusta-Butt that incorporates two butt handles into one. Now with the push of a button enjoy the flexibility to change your rod butt from a straight to bent configuration to exert maximum force on your quarry with less wear on the angler. Machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminum with a stainless steel positioning mechanism, the Terminator Adjusta-Butt is precision built to be lightweight yet strong and durable. A newly designed reel seat features an adjustable machined hood and is designed to accept reels from 30- through 130-pound class. The Delrin collet nut is designed to stay securely connected to the hood under all conditions. Two sizes are available including No. 2 and No. 4 short and long in either black or silver. Hoods and ferrule are available in standard silver or black and optional gold. Contact: Winthrop Tackle at 860526-9079 or visit www.winthroptackle.com.