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New Gear:

November / December 2017

Airmar Transducer


    Airmar’s new series of in-hull Chirp-ready transducers are designed for fiberglass hulls and includes five new models ranging from 300W to 1.5kHz to deliver superior performance, value and ease of installation to OEMs and installers. Each is shipped with an innovative, mix-and-match connector for simple, no-hassle connection to sounders from all major manufacturers. This transducer line consists of two different-sized housings that are based on the popular design of Airmar’s P79 600W depth sensor. Each model consists of a base that is installed inside the hull which allows the transducer to transmit through solid fiberglass and into the surrounding water. The selected transducer is inserted into the base and adjusted for the proper deadrise offset, ensuring the beam is vertically oriented to receive echoes, resulting in accurate depth readings. The design allows installers to adjust the angle at which the transducer sits to easily accommodate the hull deadrise angles up to 22 degrees. There are no holes to be drilled in the hull, saving time and labor, and minimizing installation issues. Contact: Airmar at 803-693-0777 or visit www.airmar.com.

Engel HD-30 Cooler Bag


    Engel’s new soft-sided coolers feature welded seams instead of common sewn versions to keep warm air out, which dramatically increases the life of the ice or ice packs inside. The welded seams ensure there will be no air or water leaks and allow the soft-sided HD-30 to keep beverages cold for 4.5 days in 90-degree temperatures. The HD-30 boasts an outer shell composed of 840 denier fibers for maximum strength and abrasion resistance. Front and back side are laminated with a thermal plastic urethane film that adds another layer of strength and puncture resistance. Closed-cell foam insulation prevents air from passing through and improves the thermal range of the cooler. With a welded waterproof and air resistant zipper that does not require lubrication, this cooler has a capacity of 32 quarts and can be carried with tote handles or with a single padded strap and has an integrated bottle opener. New in this cooler is patent-pending vacuum valve technology. Customers should use a vacuum to remove excess air before the first use for optimum performance. Use code Biggame10 for 10% off. Contact: Engel Coolers at 561-743-7419 or visit www.engelcoolers.com.

JMP Marine Replacement Pumps


    Few engine names evoke the sense of power and durability that Caterpillar does. That's why quality JMP Marine replacement seawater pumps and impellers are such a good match. Competitively priced, they deliver the superior performance and reliability to keep these diesels running in top condition. Manufactured to exacting ISO 9001-certified standards for 100 percent compatibility, JMP replacement pumps are unmatched in the industry. Self-priming with a high volume flow capacity, their bodies are made of cast bronze with quality, corrosion-resistant fittings and O-ring seals for a long, reliable service life. Available individually and with every JMP pump is one of its high-performance flexible impellers. Better than OEM, they're manufactured from a proprietary blend of materials that are highly resistant to high heat, oils, salt and chemicals and boast brass inserts. They're so durable, the U.S. Navy tested them and reported they outlasted every other brand by a margin of 2 to 1. Contact: JMP Marine at 866-537-3959 or visit www.jmpusa.com.

Nantucket Bound


    Nantucket Bound offers a line of customized boating and fishing goods geared to the offshore sportsman. Products, including gunwale mats that provide a protective cover for your boat’s finish, cockpit mats, pillows, blankets and customized clothing. Gunwale mats are made with marine-grade Sunbrella fabrics and are offered in a wide range of attractive colors. Pillows as well as a full line of clothing all are offered with custom embroidery featuring your boat name and/or captain’s name and choice of fish including bluefin tuna, marlin and sailfish in addition to other nautical designs. Along with custom gear, Nantucket Bound offers a full line of offshore tackle accessories designed to hold and store lures, dredges and spreader bars. Contact: Nantucket Bound at 800-969-5873 or visit www.nantucketbound.com.

Nautical Design Premier Helm Seat


    With the increasing popularity of the large center console boats comes increased needs for high end comfortable seating, tackle storage and other conveniences. Nautical Design, with its already extensive line of models has developed a helm seat console worthy enough to meet the needs of offshore anglers. The new Premier model comes standard with bench-style seating or dual and triple flip-up bolster seats with outside folding arms. A massive tackle storage system with everything from hanging lure racks, terminal trays, leader spool holders, knife and plier storage, Plano boxes, drawers and large drop down rigging table put everything within reach. Premier also offers four additional options including center cooler slide-out with aluminum/stainless smooth track system, front-load refrigerator or freezer and flip-up aft bench seat for two when extra seating in needed. Custom gel coat, upholstery and custom unit sizes are available and Nautical Designs will work with your builder or dealer or even help you lay out your existing boat and incorporate some of your own ideas. Contact: Nautical Designs at 724-368-9400 or email Nautical Designs

Shurhold Handle Mate PFD


    Boat hooks and brush handles can accidentally scratch and mar fine boat finishes. Shurhold Industries' patented Handle Mate PFD slips over the aluminum shaft of its telescoping and fixed-length handles to protect gelcoat, paint and chrome. And because those oops moments happen, like dropping the tool overboard, the innovative device keeps it floating for easy retrieval. Made from soft, high-quality neoprene, Handle Mate PFD provides a solid, comfortable grip. The durable sleeve is easily installed and fits Shurhold's 5-, 6- and 9-foot handles and features a closed cell foam insert for added flotation. Handle Mate PFD is part of Shurhold's One Handle Does It All system of brushes, mops, brooms, boat hooks, nets, gaffs and other tools which snap securely onto a handle which makes storing multiple long tools a thing of the past. Inventor of the One Handle Does It All system, Shurhold manufactures specialty care items and accessories to clean, polish and detail. Contact Shurhold at 800-962-6241 or visit www.shurhold.com.

Simrad GO12 XSE and GO7 XSR Chartplotters


    Simrad’s GO12 XSE offers a new, 12-inch display option while the upgraded GO7 XSR features a restyled, glass-helm design, along with radar compatibility. The new displays offer intuitive multi-touch controls smartphone and tablet users will find familiar. Tap the screen to create or select waypoints, pinch-to-zoom, or tap-and-drag to pan smoothly across charts, while simple home screen and menu layouts allow quick access to all functions. Adjustable split-screen views and customizable panel layouts with large icons that are easy to recognize, make the GO Series simple to use. Fully compatible with Simrad Broadband 3G/4G and Halo Radar systems, both models feature internal GPS receivers for the most accurate location, StructureScan HD and Chirp Sonar for excellent fishfinding, autopilot integration for precision control, engine data monitoring, full audio entertainment connectivity with SonicHub 2, built-in wireless connectivity and the powerful Simrad TripIntel trip computer and SiriusXM weather/radio. Both models also connect to NMEA 2000 compatible sensors aboard a vessel to display engine data, fuel flow, fluid level, speed, heading and water temperature. A wide range of cartography options are available including C-MAP and Navionics. Contact: Simrad at 800-324-1356 or visit www.simrad-yachting.com.

Walker High-Air Performance Air Filters


    Now you can take your diesel engine to the next level with the new Walker "High-Air Performance" air filter for MTU Series 2000 engines, a direct replacement for the factory-installed MTU model. Walker Engineering, the group headquartered in southern California and long known for its flagship Airsep CCV system, once again raises the bar for diesel engine air filtration performance with these washable air filters which are designed to offer reduced air inlet restriction to improve engine performance and reduce exhaust temperatures. Designed to fit in place of the stock air filters with no engine modification required, they are washable, and deliver high performance air flow. The filters are constructed with a stainless steel core and a durable non-metallic mount and filter top and are compatible with Series 2000 12 or 16 cylinder marine engines. Contact: Walker Engineering at 818-252-7788 or visit www.walkerairsep.com.

Weems & Plath CrewWatcher


    Weems & Plath, manufacturer of nautical safety and navigation products since 1928, has signed an exclusive agreement to manufacture and distribute PanPan’s CrewWatcher Overboard System, a revolutionary, app-based crew overboard alarm system that is the fastest way to rescue a person who is overboard. The system works like a virtual lifeline and is made up of two components including a smartphone application and a small beacon that can be comfortably worn by each crewmember. The beacon does not require complex manual activation and the alarm will trigger automatically during a Man Overboard event. Should someone go overboard, CrewWatcher will automatically sound an alarm, provide bearing, distance and latitude and longitude coordinates of the MOB event, the time of the event, and will visually guide the rescuer. One smart device can monitor up to five crewmembers. CrewWatcher includes the free app that operates on most smart phones or tablets and no cell service required. Contact: Weems and Plath at 800-638-0428 or visit www.weems-plath.com.