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The Finest Editorial Product:

  The Big Game Fishing Journal is just what the name implies – more than a magazine. It is a bimonthly information exchange. A place where serious anglers enter and participate in the arena of big game fishing techniques, strategies and ideas with the finest captains and anglers in the world serving as their personal teachers. It’s what bluewater anglers have been asking for, but don’t get from other media.The Journal understands its readers and provides them with highly educational features that improve their fishing success – features that keep them reading each issue over and over again. Greater fishing success breeds consumers with a stronger interest in the sport and the products used in its pursuit.

Uncluttered Advertising Media:

   The Journal serves the needs of its advertisers by providing a level playing field for all. No “boat reviews.” Limited product editorial. However captain/writers are always permitted to mention products they recommend and use by brand name and many do. It’s the best kind of product endorsement. Advertising is restricted to 35% in each issue.
These simple principles have led to a reputation for integrity, an obvious allegiance to our readers, and steady growth in single copy sales and subscriptions in the five years since The Journal was introduced. Complimentary letters and e-mail are received daily asking us to maintain our style and format and to “keep the lessons coming!”

Publisher's Statement
Great Magazines are Born -
Not Hatched!

   Truly great magazines aren’t created with formulas. They aren’t fabricated by a committee after a marketing research company “tests” variations on a theme with select demographic sample groups. Such methods are simply a formula for mediocrity.     Really great magazines are created to fulfill a need, usually by one or two individuals that have a life-long personal attachment to the subject the magazine was produced to address. The Big Game Fishing Journal is just such a magazine. It is the result of nearly twenty years of work and dedication by Offshore Informational Publications, Inc., a company that began life in the early 1980s as “Offshore Satellite Services,” an information source for big game fishermen in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

From High-Tech Beginnings

  In the early 1980s, OSS became the first company to provide ocean surface temperature charts developed from infrared satellite imagery to aid anglers fishing distant waters for tuna, billfish and sharks. Offshore combined real-time satellite data with sophisticated computer software to create navigational charts that included detailed water temperature gradients which made it possible for fishermen to determine the most likely areas to find bait and game fish before their boats even left the dock.

  Ocean temperature charts have become a key element used by thousands of offshore fishermen to plan their trips. OSS revolutionized the way big game anglers fish and their innovative solutions were written about in magazines, newspapers and by scholars studying the migration and feeding habits of pelagic fish. In the process, OSS became a clearinghouse for catch information from their subscribers and disseminated this information in newsletter form, their first foray into publishing, but that was only the beginning.

A Magazine for Serious Bluewater Fishermen

 Through day-to-day contact with fishermen it became obvious there was a need for a no-nonsense educational tool capable of teaching fishermen the specialized techniques used for locating and catching pelagic gamefish. While many of OSS customers were professional charter and tournament captains, the majority were private boat owners who were starving for detailed information needed to increase their fishing success. The available magazines rarely published features dedicated to the art and science of big game fishing. They were too general, loaded down with boat reviews and product releases, and stuffed with far too much advertising to devote the space necessary to teach offshore fishermen what they really wanted to know. In 1987, the crew of OSS decided the only way to provide real instructional information to this group of elite fishermen was to develop and publish a new magazine, one dedicated exclusively to big game fishing and with a clear allegiance to its readers. Since most customers at the time fished the mid-Atlantic region, the new magazine addressed the techniques and places where they fished, the canyons along the edge of the Continental Shelf. It was called The Edge – Canyon Fishing Annual.

Good News Travels Fast

  The magazine pioneered a new approach in instructional journalism for a very vertical audience. The articles weren’t written by professional writers. Instead, they went straight to the very best professional captains and tournament fishermen and inspired them to teach the techniques, tips and secrets they used. It became an underground success, at least for a while. In 1990, it was re-christened The Edge – Big Game Fishing Annual and anglers raved about its educational style.

Introducing The Big Game Fishing Journal

  Over the next four years the staff fielded letters and phone calls from fishermen all over the country asking the same question, “Could you expand the annual to cover big game fishing in my area?” In 1994, the last annual was published and the first issue of a new quarterly magazine, The Big Game Fishing Journal, hit the stands that October. It continued the tradition by providing highly educational articles written by top big game anglers and captains, now from around the country and the world, each with a biography introducing the author and explaining why he is qualified to be an instructor on the subject. Continuing to shy away from boat reviews, product fluff and excessive advertising, The Journal opts for the real meat and potatoes information required to be a successful participant at this most demanding level of sport fishing. A level that requires the highest commitment in time, effort and financial resources. A level occupied by the most affluent and dedicated fishermen in the world! But going even further, a method of regionalization was developed with the flexibility to present full-color features on topics that are extremely site-specific or about species of fish with only regional availability. It is a format that remains unique to The Big Game Fishing Journal and one that has become incredibly popular. The Journal is the synthesis of years of asking what serious offshore fishermen really want in a magazine and then finding unique and creative ways to fill those needs. In five years, it has established a niche in a publishing category that pundits claimed was “dominated by a few established titles.” Yet The Journal is not only still here, it is growing and gaining converts from the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf Coast’s of the United States, and from big game fishermen around the world. The Fall 1999 Issue marks the 5th Anniversary of The Big Game Fishing Journal and will take the publication from quarterly frequency to a bi-monthly. Through it all, we have been graced with the support of friends and a core group of advertisers that believed in our “better idea” and want to be associated with it. The number of quality companies advertising in The Journal pages has grown, yet we still remain committed to providing the hard-hitting, information packed issues that got us to where we are today. Our dedication is to our readers, the people your advertising is aimed at reaching. That’s why we say, “If they’re serious, they read The Journal.” If you are serious about reaching the most active, affluent fishermen with your message, advertise in The Journal!

Important Reasons To Advertise in The Journal

Stable advertising rates. The Journal has not increased advertising rates since its introduction in the winter of 1994. Rates will remain stable through 2000.
A growing subscriber base with a 76% renewal rate. Over 55% subscribe for two or more years.
Strong single copy sales with distribution through newsstand, specialty book chains, marine chains stores, tackle shops and marinas. In specialty chains like Barnes & Noble, West Marine and others, The Journal performs at one of the highest sell-through rates in the industry.
Highly educational features that teach technique and method. We get readers excited, involved and increase their participation, making them more successful bluewater fishermen and better customers for your products.
A bimonthly format that gives ads two months to work and allows you to participate in every issue for a very reasonable investment.
Over 90% of our readers own a bluewater fishing boat with a median size of 31 feet. An amazing 49% own two or more boats! The majority of their second boats are outboard powered.
The Journal’s readers fish – a lot! 72% took more than 20 offshore trips and 38% took 30 or more in 1996, in addition to their inshore fishing pursuits. Over 77% participate in at least three big game tournaments annually, with 32% fishing in up to ten per year. The average cost of tournament participation is in excess of $3,000 per contest and ranges up to $15,000.
They have generous incomes and aren’t afraid to spend big on big game fishing! Over 50% spend more than $5,100 annually on fishing tackle alone!
Over 80% are business executives, entrepreneurs, doctors and lawyers, and 10% are professional charter captains! All qualified, active consumers interested in fishing products!

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